Cat Mouse APK [November-2022] App FREE Download

What is Cat Mouse APK App?

Don’t get confused by Cat Mouse APK App because of the name of this application: this is a third-party application that will provide you the latest movie and Tv shows. The application goes viral right after launch. You guys are looking for steps on how to download this application for android, IOS,PC and Smart tv.

How to install CatMouse Apk for free?

CatMouse Apk is free, and it can be downloaded from the link given below. This application is free for every platform and easy to download and use. CatMouse Apk will provide you your favorite Tv shows and movies.

CatMouse App for Android:

You can easily install CatMouse Apk app by following the steps given below.

Installation of CatMouse Apk app Android:

Step1: Open setting and enable the unknown source if it is disabled.


              Setting>Security>Unknown Source>Enable it.

unknown sources


Step2: Get the Application file of CatMouse from the link given below.

Step3: Open the file you have downloaded from the link. You can find it from the browser downloads navigation bar.Catmouse apk install screenshot 1

Step4: Click on the install button to install the application.Catmouse apk install screenshot 2

Step5: The icon will appear after the completion of the installation. Open application and enjoy your favorite show on it.Catmouse apk install screenshot


CatMouse Apk for iOS:

By following the steps given below, it will be straightforward to download CatMouse Apk.

Installation of CatMouse Apk for iPhone/iPad:

Step1:Open the Safari browser from your iPhone or iPad.

Step2: Click here to install CatMouse App for iOS.

Step3: Scroll down and find the install button click on it.

Step4: Webpage shows a notification that it wants to install an application on your iOS device. Clickallow.

Step5: The icon will appear on the home screen after completion of installation.

Step6: Now go to the setting>general>profile> add CatMouse to trusted apps.

Step7: Enjoy your favorite Tv, Shows, and Movies.

 Cat Mouse Apk App for Smart TV:

Installation of CatMouse Apk on Fire Stick/ Android Tv:

Step1: Enable the option of unknown sources on your fire device.Catmouse apk for firestick tv1

Step2: By using the search option, find the downloader app, and install it to your firestick device.Catmouse apk install smart tv.2png


Step3: Open the downloader application and enter the URL under the home option.


Step4: Click the Go button and wait for a downloading.Catmouse apk install smart tv. downloadpng


Step5: Click on install CatMouse.Catmouse apk install smart tv installing.3png


Step6: It will install the Apk file to your firestick.


Step7: When the installation completes, the message will appear installation successful.

Step8: Firestick will ask you to delete the Apk file. Make sure you should delete it.


Step10: Open the application from your apps or channel.


Installation of CatMouse on Android Box:

Do follow the same steps as of firestick to install CatMouse on Android Box.

CatMouse Apk for PC/Laptop/Mac:

You can install CatMouse to your PC or Mac book by using an Android Emulator.

Installation of Cat Mouse App on Mac/PC:

Step1: Go to the browser and download an android emulator called Blue Stack on your PC/Mac.

Step2:After the installation of the Android Emulator completes.

Step3: Download an Apk from the Button given below.

Step4: Open an Apk file with Blue Stack Right Click> Open with>Blue Stack.

Step5: The Emulator will pick an Apk and install it on your PC/Mac.

Step6: You will find an application on the home screen of the Android Emulator.




Error/Fix found while playing CatMouse App:

The errors which are mainly found while using this application are as follow

BufferingError/Fix: This error is because of a slow internet connection. Please check your internet connection and try it again. If it is not playing a video at all, then maybe it is not available for your region, use VPN to bypass this restriction.


Subtitle Error/Fix: May you are not able to see subtitles while watching a video. While opening a link, choose the option Play with Subtitles. If you do not see the option, then install VLC or MX player to resolve the issue.


Unable to install: If you are unable to install, you are not following the step we are provided you above. Please follow the steps carefully and try to install it again.


Application is Crashing: If you have upgraded it to the newer version, then maybe it is not compatible with your device. If you haven’t, then the current version is outdated check for newer version if it is available.


Note: These were the main error found during the installation or while playing the application. I hope these answers will help you to resolve the issue you are facing while playing CatMouse Apk.

Our review

CatMouse is one of the best online streaming application. It has a friendly interface before we have given you the instruction. We have installed this application and used it, and we still do use this application to watch our favorite content on it.



What is CatMouse App?

The application is available for smartphones, PC and Laptops devices, and it is free to install to watch Tv Shows and Movies.

Is CatMouse Apk Legal?

Yes, the application is 100% legal to install, but the content available on the application is illegal.

How do I install movies from CatMouse?

To download movies, simply choose the content you prefer and select the download option to download the application.

What devices can CatMouse be installed on?

CatMouse is available on a ton of devices like Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Laptop. If you are unable to download this application, then maybe it is not compatible with your device.

Is CatMouse Apk Safe?

CatMouse looks safe to use, but the ads while using this application are not safe.



CatMouse is third Party application that has fantastic content available on it. We still don’t recommend these kinds of applications because that may steal your personal information from your device on which you are using this application. Try to use those applications which are available on the Play Store or App Store.


We do’t hold any copyrights of logo images and trademark in this article.Ni


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