Movie Box Pro Mod Apk [November-2022]App for PC/android/ios

What is Movie Box?

Movie Box is an application that provides HD Tv Shows and Movies for free. This Application is available for Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and Smart Tv. Movie Box App is known as Show Box on Android and Windows. You might find the same Application as a movie box, but this Application provides you some unique feature that we will discuss later.

Why Movie Box?

  • The content of this Application is free; no need to spend anything.
  • The Application never asks for registration and Subscription.
  • You can save your favorite movies to download section.
  • It will send you a notification if new content is available on an application.
  •  You can easily filter movies and Tv Shows by using IMDB rating, Year, action, and adventure, etc.
  • The video player used by the Application is an Android video player and VLC.

How to install Movie Box?  

You can easily install the movie box on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Here we are going to tell you how to install this Application on your Smartphone and PC

Installation Guide of Movie Box on Android:

Note: This method is only applicable for android mobile and tablets, so look at them carefully.

You can’t find this Application on the google  playstore. This Application is not officially launched on the app store because of its pirated content. Movie Box App is a third-party application, so you need to change some settings before installing this Application.

  1. Go to the setting and Enable Unknown Sources. 

          Setting>Security>Unknown Sources>Enable it


  1. Now install the App file by using the link given below.
  2. Go to the document and check the download folder to find the App file. If you are unable to locate it, go to the browser and open the download page, you will see the App box apk
  3. Click on it to install the Application.install movie box apk
  4. After installation is finished, an icon will appear on your home screen. Open it and enjoy your favorite movie or Tv show.install2 movie box apk

Installation of Movie Box Pro on iOS:

Note: Movie Box is no longer available for iOS devices, but we have a mirror application of the movie box, which is Moviebox PRO. You will get all features of the movie box on it.

Method 1:

Installing Movie Box Pro for iOS using TUTU app:

TUTU app is an alternative store of an App Store, and it is designed on the standard of App Store

  1. Visit from the browser installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Next, click on download TuTuapp Apk. A notification will appear to install.
  3. Go to your home screen and find the tutu app which we have installed.
  4. It will not open because it is from untrusted developers, so to the setting and add it to trusted apps. 
  5. Go to the setting and enable online installation.
  6. Next, open the tutu app. Search “Moviebox PRO” in the search bar.
  7. Click on the Install button.
  8. When the installation completes, then you don’t have to add it to the trusted Application again.
  9. Go to the home screen and find the icon of Moviebox PRO open it and enjoy your favorite movie, Tv Show.

Features of Movie Box:

Simple in Design: The UI of this Application is fantastic and very easy to use. Filter to differentiate between content.

Entertainment: In this Application, you can find every latest movie and Tv show quite easily.

Quality: You can watch Tv shows and Movies in HD Quality 1080p,720p, Medium 480p,360p and Low 240p

Search: You can easily find your favorite content on this Application.

Platform: It can be run on Android and iOS but also runs on different devices using third-party Application.

Update: It updates on daily bases with new content, even you will get notification of that.

Safe or Legal: If you are downloading this Application from the official website, then it’s safe, and we are not sure that this Application is legal or not. It contains pirated content, so maybe it is not permissible. That’s why it isn’t available on the Play Store and App Store.



How to update to the new version?

You can update to new version manually by deleting the app and installing it again. It also updates automatically. You will get notification of update when an update is available.


Is the movie box legal?

No movie box is illegal because you are watching content without permission of the original owner

Can you trust Movie Box?

This Application is illegal, but it is safe. 

Is Movie Box Pro free?

It is a new movie streaming application populating among many smartphone users, and this Application is free for every iOS user.

Can you still download the Show box?

Show box is currently the best movie streaming application on the smartphone, and you can easily download the latest version of Show box.


Movie Box Apk is one of my favorite applications to watch new and free content but recommends you install this Application. Still, if there is any damage caused by the Application, we will not be responsible for that, so be careful while installing the Application.


We don’t hold any right to this Application and logo. We are not responsible for any action caused by the Application

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